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Organic conversion process

A new stage in the life of our company, a change of direction that has been underway for years. We have always worked in an environmentally friendly manner. This approach was self-evident, to produce quality wines you need to "respect the vine and nature" as I have been saying for a long time; this respect has always been rewarded by "Mother Nature" who has spoiled us with beautiful and quality grapes.

We decided to formalise this environmental approach with the HVE label in 2019: A simple formality without any great constraint for us, since our way of working with respect for the environment has been anchored for decades.

On the strength of our HVE certification and the proximity of organic certification, and with the support of my team, we have decided to embark on the beautiful adventure of converting to organic production, which will take place in two stages:

  • Conversion: three harvests from the date of signing the commitment.
  • Certification: the year after the third harvest if all the clauses are respected.

Organic is not just a formality and a certification, it is a way of being and thinking, and it does not just apply to the vines and the production. We need to question our way of consuming: electricity, water, fuel, heating, paper, packaging....

And I am very attached to this!!!

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