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Presentation of the ranges

The 7 nuances

In Alsace and on our estate, we cultivate 7 grape varieties which have different personalities and tastes. This gives the wines different aromatic nuances

The bubbles of love

Our crémants are made from Alsatian grapes using the traditional method.

The wines undergo a second fermentation in the bottle, followed by a minimum of 12 months' ageing in the bottle. The type of blend and the ageing in bottle (on lees or latte), will define the cuvée and the quality of the wine

The emotions

These wines are made from a selection of particularly high-quality plots and harvested at an advanced stage of maturity. That is to say, about 3 weeks after the harvest of the "7 Nuances". This gives them an elegance, harmony and subtlety that will delight your delicate palate.

Confidential wines

These are ephemeral wines, which are vinified according to my desires and what Mother Nature offers me. When a plot of land stands out during a vintage, or a different vinification! Wines made not according to the wind but according to my will!

Jad’or !

Grapes harvested when overripe, the "late harvest" range is the expression the ladies have when they enjoy this nectar!


A higher level of maturity, these are the "noble berries", grapes harvested at a very high level of maturity, a truly renowned nectar that "Mother Nature" offers us in exceptional years

The daily wines

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