The Weck family

The Weck family is one of the oldest lineages in Gueberschwihr

The family coat of arms dates back to Mathias Weck, provost of Gueberschwihr between 1708 and 1719.

Mathias Weck was granted a coat of arms which the family still bears (in our photo).

From 1781 to the Revolution, Antoine Weck was the provost of Gueberschwihr, a village to which the lineage has remained faithful to this day: 454 years later, the descendants are still prospering in this jewel of the vineyard.

Closer to home

Clément, born in 1942, naturally took the path of viticulture. After obtaining his school certificate, he worked on the estate.

During the winter, he took advanced courses at the Rouffach agricultural school, after which he graduated in 1958.

In August 1971, he married Jacqueline, the daughter of a winegrower from Ingersheim.

A forward-thinking and very tenacious man, Clément decided to abandon mixed farming to devote himself exclusively to winegrowing. In 1973, the entire harvest was bottled at the estate.

Naturally, the couple shared the tasks of the estate: Clément was in charge of the vineyard and cellar work.  In addition to the work in the vineyards, Jacqueline was in charge of the sales in the cellar and the accounting, making sure our customers were always given a warm and generous welcome.

Their union produced two children, Matthieu in 1972 and Christine in 1978.

In 1995, Matthieu joined the company after obtaining a diploma in viticulture and oenology in Rouffach and a higher diploma in wine and spirits marketing.

With internships in Argentina and California, Matthieu brings his youth and originality to the estate.

In 2000, he married Isabelle, a nurse, who helped him during his commercial trips. Matthis, their son, was born in February 2005 (the succession seems assured as he entered the Rouffach Wine School in 2020).

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