Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We do not inherit the land from our parents, we borrow it from our children

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

This quote applies to our family philosophy.

We work and do not exploit our vines with respect and over the long term.

They repay us well by producing high quality grapes.

High Environmental Value Label (HVE)

In 2018, the estate obtained the High Environmental Value (HVE) label

This label is an environmental certification resulting from the Environment Round Table and awarded to agricultural operations that respect a certain level of good environmental practices.

The HVE label is awarded to winegrowers and farmers who have achieved the highest level of environmental certification, i.e., level 3.

This certification measures environmental performance for a more sustainable activity: Aspects assessed by this certification include biodiversity, controlled and moderate use of phytosanitary products, use and management of water resources and fertilisation management.

On our estate, all these good practices were already in place. This certification is only the formalisation of these.

Organic conversion process

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